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Jennifer Anderson

Professor, 1977-2011
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

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What is Jennifer doing today?

I retired December 31st 2011 and since that time my husband and I have enjoyed a lot, and maybe too much, travel in 2012! We have visited Australia, Norway and England visiting friends and family. In addition we have enjoyed being able to spend more time with our son and his family in Oregon and thus more time at our beach house on the Oregon coast. We have yet to spend sufficient time in Colorado to enjoy the mountains as we would like, but we intend for that will change in 2013 and spend time skiing, hiking, biking and enjoying Colorado’s beauty.

On the professional front I still have graduate students and their related research projects. One funded research project will be completed at the end of 2012 with the graduate student defending and completing her MS Plan A thesis this year. I also have a PhD student who will not complete her research until 2013 thus I remain fully involved with a couple of students as their advisor. Food Friends also keeps me engaged. I have submitted a proposal to the Colorado Health Foundation to sustain Food Friends for another year as we complete the large grant that has allowed implementation of the programs for the past 3 years throughout Colorado. I am also forming a Food Friends Foundation changing the status of this start-up company to a 501-c3 Foundation to better offer and expand the program inside and outside Colorado as well as helping open other doors for funding. However I intend to take a back-seat and watch its success!

Update Fall 2014: the Food Friends Foundation is now, after much time and effort, officially a 501(c)3 Foundation, a public non-profit status.

In my spare time I enjoy more time for reading books rather than scientific papers and trying to stay healthy!

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